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New Asia golf ball reports released

New Asia golf ball reports released

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A new series of reports offers fresh insights on golf ball buying habits in the Asia-Pacific region.


The preferred ball choice and buying patterns of golfers in Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand are laid bare in SMS Asia’s new reports, which are available for purchase – either on an individual country basis or comparing multiple markets.


The reports reveal, for example, how stock and delivery issues are affecting the market, with between 6% and 31% of golfers (depending on the country) admitting that they have bought a different golf ball because their preferred choice was unavailable. However, other metrics highlight the resilience of the market. In India, for example, 41% of golfers expect to spend more on golf balls in 2022 than they did in 2021.


These though are just a fraction of the insights covered by the syndicated study.


Using robust local panels, the reports provide detail and clarity on topics including:

  • Ball usage rates
  • Brand ownership and consideration
  • Spend
  • Point of purchase
  • Design features (e.g., ball composition)
  • Supply chain reactions – likelihood of switching brands
  • The second hand ball market

SMS is also available to work with buyers on bespoke studies in the region, for example to delve into follow up questions and concepts specific to future product or marketing campaigns.


Eric Lynge, head of SMS Asia, reflected on the findings: “We’ve already had excellent feedback from clients who pre-ordered these reports and who have been digesting the results over recent days. SMS Asia trusts that  the data and insights will make a tangible difference to how manufacturers do business in Asia-Pacific over the coming years, and it’s great to be able to support that kind of forward-thinking strategic planning.”


The study follows SMS Asia’s 2021 study of how the region’s golfers bounced back from COVID-19 lockdowns. To provide an example of our research, that study can be downloaded free of charge via the SMS website.


The balls reports are avialable immediately. A set of reports on shoes is also available, covering the same countries. To enquire about balls or shoes data, please contact Eric Lynge, head of SMS Asia, for more information and pricing.

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