Maulik Ankolia
Business Intelligence Analyst
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In 2020, Maulik joined the team of Sports Marketing Surveys USA as a Sports Business Intelligence Analyst. He brings data into life through Data visualization. Also, he earned his M.B.A in Business Intelligence and Marketing from California State University in 2018.


Maulik grew up playing Cricket and Football back in India. Also, watching M.S. Dhoni and Christiano Ronaldo playing on the field. Apart from cricket and soccer he also likes to play golf, tennis and running. He is currently training for his first marathon and he dreams about running the London marathon and the Boston marathon one day. Apart from sports, he likes music, reading, and hiking. Coming from an engineering background he likes to spend his time working on cars and woods as well.


Maulik has always been passionate about sports. He believes that sports brings out the best in us as a player and as a society. As Ernie Banks used to say  “The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose.”

One of Maulik’s sporting goals is to run the London and Boston marathons

Maulik earned an MBA in business intelligence and marketing from California State University