Using our social listening tool SMS INC. RADAR, SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. analyses the week’s sporting news. The software allows SMS INC. to identify the week’s winners and losers, whether they be people, competitions, venues, brands or products.

This week, SMS INC. RADAR analysed the winners and losers in the final week of World Cup warm up action.


  • Nigerian World Cup Kit – 86% positive comments
    • The Nigerian World Cup Kit, which was launched later than other nations’ efforts, generated huge demand. The kit received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with many people from around the world commenting favourably on the kit’s unusual look. Many expressed surprise that Nike was able to sell out within a single day.
  • Gareth Southgate – 80% positive comments
    • England manager Gareth Southgate enjoyed a good week, with two friendly victories over Nigeria and Costa Rica. Optimism followed Southgate on social media, with many commentators on social media impressed by the way he has conducted himself. Some commentators remain unwilling to commit, preferring to judge Southgate after the World Cup.  So far however, Southgate has impressed onlookers with his engaging media interviews, and through his selection of fearless, young and fresh players.
  • The BBC World Cup Coverage – 76% positive comments
    • The BBC World Cup trailer was released on 19th May, providing positive press for the corporation’s coverage of the World Cup. Whilst the majority of those who expressed opinions leaned towards “loving” the trailer, there were some who felt that the global nature of the advert was ‘anti –England’.


  • Leroy Sane – 25% negative
    • On 4th of June Leroy Sane was controversially omitted from Germany’s World Cup Squad. The announcement came despite Sane’s contribution to Manchester City’s record breaking season, where the German was one of the standout young players in the Premier League. Comments focused on the strength of the German squad if they could afford to leave out a talent like Sane.  Comments about Sane were balanced by those who used “positive” comments to express relief that the German winger would not be on hand to harm their team’s prospects.
  • Raheem Sterling – 56% negative
    • On 29th May the media released images and editorials about Raheem Sterling’s tattoo of a gun on his leg. Though the tattoo was designed in memory of his father who was shot dead several years ago, many criticised Sterling for lacking tact. In particular many felt that given the increased spotlight on gang violence in London, and ongoing school shootings in the USA, it is inappropriate for a role model to sport a gun tattoo. His defenders noted the media’s history of attacking Sterling disproportionately and felt that the player himself had the final say in determining what tribute he felt appropriate to his father.
  • Mastercard’s 10,000 meals campaign – 77% negative
    • On 4th June Mastercard released an advert campaign promising that for every goal scored by Messi or Neymar in the World Cup, they will donate 10,000 meals for children to the World Food Programme. Although the initiative was grounded in good intentions, many commentators questioned why Mastercard would not simply give the meals rather than tying the charity to specific players’ performance. Some commentators accused Mastercard of using poverty as a marketing gimmick. The campaign has since been cancelled.