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SMS joins Bicycle Sector Alliance in Spain

SMS joins Bicycle Sector Alliance in Spain

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SMS is delighted to join the Bicycle Sector Allicance in Spain. In an interview with AMBE (here translated into English), SMS’s Head of Cycling Marc Anderman explains how SMS can support the sector, its plans for a cycling retail audit in Spain, and introduces SMS’ Spanish cycling expert, Fernando Ortega.


What does SMS offer to the bicycle sector in Spain? What is your experience?

SMS offers the chance for the Spanish Bicycle Industry to be the first in mainland Europe to have an accurate monthly sell through data measurement tool by establishing a retail audit.  The audit allows retailers to have confidence that what they are stocking is wanted by their target customers, and manufacturers can evolve their product design and product development strategies to produce the cycling equipment the consumers want. It will also provide essential data for AMBE to assist their advocacy work in getting greater support for the industry from Government.


SMS has a long and successful history of operating retail audits. It launched and currently manages the Bicycle Association Market Data Service in the UK, which now tracks over 1 million individual products and covers more than 70% of the total cycling market. In Europe, SMS is a founding member of the Cycling Industries of Europe (CIE) Market Intelligence Expert Group. CIE has been fundamental in lobbying the EU Commission which has very recently announced the exciting news that the EU Commission and EU Parliament will cooperate on the creation of an EU Cycling Declaration.


“A green Europe will be a cycling Europe”; Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans announces new EU commitment to cycling


How do you see the bicycle sector in Spain and what encourages you to join the Sector Alliance?

There is a significant growth opportunity for the Bicycle sector in Spain for both manufacturing goods, product development and growing the electric bike category to be a main mode of transport in the rapid changing urban mobility landscape. It is vitally important to work with the key organisation AMBE and its members that represent the Bicycle industry. We feel very fortunate that industry expert Fernando Ortega will work with and represent SMS in Spain.


What are your plans for 2022 / 2023?

For the second half of 2022 our goal is really to reach out to as many retailers as possible so we can explain the benefits of participating in a retail audit for them and the industry as a whole. Our goal for 2023 will be to launch the audit and help the industry make more informed decisions!

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