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The loyalty, passion and value of fans is one of the greatest strengths of the sports industry. This has not been lost on venues, teams and events who continue to strive to offer exceptional experiences to fans, whether they are watching from an armchair, the back row, or a premium seat or debenture. Sports Marketing Surveys has worked with some of the biggest events in the sporting world to help them understand their fans, and deliver innovative new experiences that enhance their viewing. From ticketing to catering, merchandise to transport, websites, apps and television experiences, our research gets to the heart of the tribal connection between supporters and athletes, keeping your event in the spotlight, growing revenues and prestige. Our fan research programme has been used by some of the biggest events in sport, including The Wimbledon Championships, Roland-Garros, The Open Championship, Badminton Horse Trials and Royal Ascot.

  • Event satisfaction
    To what extent are elements of your event delivering against spectator expectations? How could your event be improved?
  • Catering and Merchandise
    What food, beverage and merchandise offerings do different groups of fans want? Are spectators in different areas aware of the range on offer?
  • Activities within the grounds
    What role do additional activities play in a day at your event? What types of activities would enhance the experience?
  • Ticketing
    Does the ticketing experience satisfy the needs of buyers while remaining fair to everyone?
  • Viewing – tv, web, app, social media
    How do different groups interact with your content and how could you serve new experiences via different media?
  • Premium experiences
    Do premium experiences deliver on the higher expectations of consumers paying for more expensive tickets? How could the visit be enhanced?
  • Pre event
    How can you make initial communications, access and security as seamless and engaging as possible?
  • At event
    Which aspects of an event do different groups of consumers enjoy? How can the day itself be enhanced.
  • Post event
    Is the post event experience encouraging return visits and maximising revenues e.g. merchandise / other events.
  • Event app research
    Does your event app deliver the features and user experience that fans desire?
  • Event website research
    Does your event website deliver the features and user experience that your fans desire?
  • Geolocation and survey delivery at event
    How do different facilities and areas at the stadium perform at specific times of day?

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