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The Player

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Sports Marketing Surveys has been surveying players at all levels of sport since 1984. The resulting insights inform brands, retailers, events, venues and federations about the players who are the cornerstone of their sport.

Our research programme covers grass roots and the highest levels of the professional game, as well as everything in between. Our industry leading participation research has been described as ‘The gold standard in sports participation research’ by ESPN and is a must have for brands, retailers and federations involved in a sport.

Whether you want to learn how to attract new beginners or juniors to a sport, monitor core players’ purchasing and playing behaviour, or sensitively survey elite sportsmen and women, our insight can help.

  • Customer segmentation
    What messaging best appeals to statistically significant segments of your audience?
  • Brand awareness
    How widespread is knowledge of your brand compared to your competitors?
  • Brand usage
    How are your brand and its products used by different groups compared to your rivals?
  • Brand perception
    What does your brand mean to those who do and don’t use it? What might encourage more people to trial or purchase?
  • Participation rates
    How many people in different demographics play a particular sport?
  • Participation frequency
    How often do people in different demographics play a particular sport?
  • Sport perception and challenges
    What are the barriers and motivations to different groups playing particular sports?
  • Types of play
    What types of sport do people play, including different events, distances, facilities etc?
  • Purchase pathway
    Why do different groups of consumers choose to buy or not buy your brand? How can you overcome the reasons not to buy?
  • Media Usage and lifestyle
    How can you best communicate with different groups of customers and potential customers?
  • Consumption habits
    How are consumption habits changing? How does that influence your product design and marketing?
  • Tourism and travel
    What is the impact of tourism on particular destinations? How can countries, regions, governing bodies and individual facilities maximise opportunities and revenue?
  • Membership and affiliation
    How are membership patterns changing among different groups? How can brands or venues evolve?
  • App research
    Does your app deliver what users want?
  • Web research
    Does your website deliver what users want?
  • Geoprofiling
    Who is playing what at local level?
  • Economic Impact
    What is the impact of a sport or event to a region or country? How can that be used to build an evidence base for investment?
  • Venue feasibility
    Is there appetite for a new facility in a particular area? What would it have to do to appeal to customers in the vicinity and from further afield?

Looking for extensive insight and strategic solutions for your organisation? We can help.