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We are passionate about helping more people benefit from inclusive sport and physical activity in their local community. We believe that high-quality insights can help organisations make better-informed strategic decisions and take meaningful evidence based actions that initiate change. We can help clients with a range of challenges and can add value to your work in a variety of ways.

Challenges we can help with

  • I need to better understand the attitudes and behaviours of my local community. You don’t want to rely on assumptions, outdated research (e.g. pre-Covid-19 pandemic) or what happens in other communities to make your decisions. You want to better understand the real-time, lived experiences of your community to help improve their lives.
  • I need a deeper understanding of the current landscape. You haven’t got time to hunt through existing research or translate complex data sets. You might not be sure where to start looking for the insights you need. You just need the key information in a condensed, useable format that you can use for what you need.
  • I need to demonstrate my programme’s impact on the community. You need to report on the impact of your project and provide evidence of the difference your work is making. You don’t want the evaluation to be a burden on those you are working with, and you want expert, independent insight that tells a story rather than a mountain of raw data.

How we help

As an independent agency, we work with clients to provide unbiased data that can be shared with stakeholders to back up your case and help bring confidence to the decision-making process.

We focus on answering the questions that matter to your work and stakeholders, providing you with the information you need, meaning you get real value for money.

We translate complex data sets into key insights and recommendations that provide clarity and specificity, which saves you time and the headache of sifting through reams of data.

Our partnership working approach means it’s like having an extra team member. We work closely with clients to ensure we fully understand your project and work with you closely throughout.

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Well done on finishing this epic piece of work! I’m sure that we will look to include some of the learning from this as we roll out work to support the new physical activity strategy locally.

Lawrie Baker, Head of Strategic Relationships, Active Surrey

Wow. What a great read. In fact I need to read it again. Thank you so much for sharing.

Sarah Potts, Managing Director, Active Live for a Healthier You

We are very happy to talk to you about your project needs and explore how we can help. Please email Hannah Sprake (Senior Sports Development Insights Manager)