US Sports Participation Research

US Sports Participation Research

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Understanding how many people play your sport and who they are is absolutely fundamental to everything you want to achieve as a business. It’s only with this information that you can grow your sport, or grow your share of a sport’s market.

Without assessing past, present and future participation trends, you’re at risk of falling behind the curve, selling to customer segments that no longer exist or missing opportunities to attract new customers.

Participation data helps you to…

  • Identify new target players
  • Tailor participation initiatives
  • Monitor outreach efforts among specific communities
  • Generate investment with independent, robust, insight
  • Identify potential market size
  • Get hyper local – understand trends in individual localities.

Sports Marketing Surveys, in partnership with the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, organizes the “gold standard” in sports participation. It is the largest, most robust annual sports participation research program in the USA. The research is essential for brands, retailers, federations and venues looking to understand their players and identify new groups of potential players.

  • Data is gathered from 18,000 household interviews.
  • The survey accounts for adult and child sports participation, from age 6+.
  • For each sport, segment participation into three categories: total; core; casual.
  • View detailed demographic breakdowns, highlighting differences in participation rates by age, gender, geographic region and household income.
  • Compare participation trends over the last five years.
  • Head to our research store to download individual PDF reports for just $295 / £250 per sport.

For those looking to take their participation analysis to the next level, SMS also offers an interactive dashboard reporting option. This enables quick, easy, and powerful comparisons between sports, identification of micro and macro trends over time and much more.


A small selection of screenshots from the dashboard is shown below.


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