The Stakeholder

The Stakeholder

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We know that leading a great business takes more than just an understanding of consumers, retailers and fans. Stakeholders are the people who make an event, venue or brand run smoothly behind the scenes. From corporate partners who provide funds and services, to volunteers, police, and catering and cleaning staff, our stakeholder research programmes cut to the heart of how you can run your business most effectively. By understanding what your stakeholders hope to gain from a partnership or what they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability, you can strengthen your negotiating positions, improve lines of communication and maintain the prestige of your brand. Our stakeholder research programmes operate from a number of angles, either helping existing events thrive, like The Wimbledon Championships or The Open Championship, or laying the foundations for new venues and facilities, like St George’s Park or the Peninsula Golf Driving Range in London.

  • Media and broadcast
    How can you work with your media and broadcast partners to share the right content with different audiences?
  • Senior Executives
    Are key partners and stakeholders satisfied with their relationships with your senior executives?
  • Volunteers
    How can you enhance the experience for your volunteers?
  • Police and Security
    Do your protocols best support the comfort and safety of customers?
  • Transport
    Do transport provisions serve the needs of visiting fans? What else could be arranged.
  • Staff (cleaning, catering etc)
    Do the staff working at the event conform to host and fan expectations? How can they be incentivised and encouraged to feel part of the event?
  • Players (e.g. elite players at professional events)
    Do players have access to the facilities, logistics and information that they need to perform to the best of their ability?
  • Coaches and Parents
    How can the facilities provide the best experience for juniors and their parents and coaches?
  • Venue feasibility
    What would a new facility or site need to offer in order to satisfy customer and stakeholder needs?

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