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The Trade

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Between consumers and brands is a thriving sports trade. The retailers who make up this segment of the industry play a crucial role in educating, engaging and supporting customers. Getting the right products distributed by the right retailers can materially affect a brandโ€™s performance. Our research can help both retailers and brands to enhance their relationships with each other, as well as helping retailers to maximise their customer facing performance.

Our range of shipment reports track sell-in to the market place across the globe, while our retail audits then track sell-through to customers, helping retailers and brands to benchmark their performance and identify potential areas or products to drive growth. Sports Marketing Surveys currently operates Running Shoe and Tennis Racquet retail audits in the USA, a cross-category Cycling retail audit in the UK, and, through ActionWatch a Surf and Skate audit in the USA and Australia.

Beyond these metrics, we also engage with a range of clients to optimise their shopping experience. Our qualitative techniques including mystery shopping, online focus groups and shopper diaries can bring the purchase process to life, and overcome hidden barriers.

  • Shipment reports (sell-in to retailers)
    Where do you place in the market for sell-in? What is the make up of products being sold?
  • Retail Audit (sell-through to consumers)
    Surf & Skate
  • Membership and loyalty schemes
    How can you best reward customers?
  • Retailer trends
    How do retailers view the market and its movements? What areas of your relationship with retailers could be enhanced? How can you best support your customers?
  • Shop layout
    What is the optimal shop layout to best serve your consumers?
  • Mystery shopping
    To what extent are your stores delivering the experience consumers want?
  • Visitor tracking
    How many people are entering a shop or different parts of a shop?

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