Running Retail Audit

Running Retail Audit

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Sports Marketing Surveys is launching a specialty running retail audit in (ADD COUNTRIES HERE) in 2022. The audit delivers brand and model level data on running shoes, apparel and accessories, with a range of sub-categories.

Gathering monthly sales and stock data directly from SMS’ robust panel of specialty running retailers, service users get access to a monthly interactive dashboard which gives unprecedented insight into the state of the running market.

The retail audit supports both retailers and brands, and anyone else looking to understand the sector.

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Interactive dashboard

  • Preset reports and graphics
  • Easy download to excel & ppt
  • Intuitive controls
  • Unit sales volume
  • Sales (£) value
  • Average selling price (ASP)
  • Stock remaining
  • Stock turn (days in market)

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Carbon plate



Short sleeve tops

Long sleeve tops



Jackets and Gilets

Sleeveless top

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